Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adriana: Micro thong extreme camel toe beach goddess.

Adriana is assumably one of the finest extreme thong girls you will ever see. In my opinion she has a faultless body built for speed! She is as curvaceous as a speeding jaguar racing across the desert tundra. Her long lean body with legs right up to an bum to die for. What else could you ask for?

Besides being a faultless 10 Adrianna was one fresh chick. She loved to show off her hot body on a crowded beach! In fact she got off on it. There were so many onlookers and even a few chicks that were checking her out. How could you not? The thong she was wearing was hardly covering her labia and when she took off her top unveiling those defectless small boobs with perfectly shaped nipples and areolas, dam that shit was looking good!

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Stefany: A gorgeous natural d-cup with a roast beef pussy!

Stefany is assumably the most beautiful extreme bikini girl that you will ever see. You could take her home to meet mom on her worst day without a hitch. This girl is just a flat out goddess! To make things even better she is a bit on the freaky side.

Stef has natural d-cup breasts that hang like perfection. It just doesn’t get any better. That is until you check out her pussy. Her pussy is hot! Huge coochie lips on this babe that will swallow up a thong string deep inside it’s thick folds of meaty labia. If you do one thing in your spirit, make assured you check out more of this beautiful micro thong model.

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Rose: Girl next door with big natural breasts lap dances on the beach.

Oh yummy Rose. What a hottie babe next door type. She secure as hell surprised the hell out of me when we started her 1st shoot. When I first met her I figured she would be a bit more on the shyer side, boy was I mistaken! I started her off in a standard micro thong, but after seeing what a natural she was and how assured she performed, I speedily switched her into a one string peek a boo thong.

After switching into the peek a boo with that one little string trying to cover up her fresh coochie, it was heaven! Rose bent over with the one string on and I approximately lost it. She spread her legs real wide and I had a adept closeup encompass of that little string pulled so tight across her little bunghole, it was marvelous. In some of my tighter up image you can precisely count the crinkles on her anus. This shit is in your face!

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Raquel & Sarah: Hot Asian spinners in explicit micro thongs.

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Lexi: Extreme micro thong girl with big meaty labia.

So Lexi was a real fresh beach girl who loved to chill out on the beach and drink Margarita’s in the sun after rubbing her self down with stupendous smelling coconut suntan oil. Her body was good and compact and was designed for comfort and endurance. When Lexi bends over and that thong string sucks in deep inside her snatch and pulls tightly across her chocolate starfish you are gonna wish you were standing right behind her with both your hands wrapped around her fanny!

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Jaime: Big natural breasts with pierced nipples and bald pussy.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lori: Big natural breasts and sweet puffy camel toe.

Lori had a set knockers that hung like ripe melons waiting to be picked. They were super and soft and jiggled around profusely with the slightest movement of her body. She was a bit shy at first because she didn’t realize how small the thongs were, but as the rendezvous progressed we were able to get the goods including some magnificent spread leg, thong riding deep in the crotch being swallowed up by enormous outer labia!

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