Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lori: Big natural breasts and sweet puffy camel toe.

Lori had a set knockers that hung like ripe melons waiting to be picked. They were super and soft and jiggled around profusely with the slightest movement of her body. She was a bit shy at first because she didn’t realize how small the thongs were, but as the rendezvous progressed we were able to get the goods including some magnificent spread leg, thong riding deep in the crotch being swallowed up by enormous outer labia!

Yes as you assumably have noticed by now that BeachModel.Com prides itself on finding appealing babes and putting them in the smallest thongs you could ever imagine. The mini micro thong that you encompass Lori wearing is only a little over 1 inch wide at it’s widest spot. The rest of it is just that stretchy cord stuff. The combination of fat vagina lips and a mini micro thong bikini result in some of the most extreme camel toes you will ever see.

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